In Austria, residents will be paid extra for riding on buses

In Austria, residents will be paid extra for riding on buses

October 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The authorities of the Austrian state of Burgenland from 2020 will pay a special eco-bonus to those who, instead of using a personal car, will start using public transport. The value of the eco-bonus will vary depending on the length of travel, but will not exceed 150 euros per year.

Bonuses will begin to be paid on January 1 of next year. At the same time, trips from a distance of 20 km and more will be recorded, TASS reports with reference to the Austrian publication Kronen Zeitung.

Burgenland is basically a rural region, so most of the townspeople are forced to get to workplaces on one or another form of transport. The introduction of eco-bonuses, according to the authorities, should motivate residents to use it by public transport, which, in turn, should help save the climate.

This is not a new idea in Europe. So, in the Netherlands, those who use a bicycle to travel to work receive a tax deduction of 19 euro cents for each kilometer traveled. A similar system applies to cyclists in Britain, where the payout is 14 cents per 1 km.

But more and more states see a solution to the transport problem in simply charging a fee for public transport. This is exactly what Estonia did first in Europe, allowing it to travel by bus around the capital for free, and then spreading the successful experience to the whole country.

Luxembourg authorities are also considering the introduction of free bus and tram services, where currently the highest density of private vehicles in Europe is 662 cars per 1000 inhabitants. Plus, through this small country on the territory there is a large flow of transit transport, which makes the traffic jam problem inevitable.