Zoox startup drones take to the streets of Las Vegas

Zoox startup drones take to the streets of Las Vegas

October 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Representatives of Zoox, which is developing its own autonomous car, said in a recent interview that they are now testing their prototypes in the streets of Las Vegas. All permissions have already been obtained. In the future, the company is going to create its own unmanned taxi.

Zoox CEO Jesse Levinson recently told Tech Crunch reporters that now the streets of Las Vegas (USA) will serve as a test platform for testing cars with autonomous control systems. In the future, the company’s management plans to launch an autonomous taxi service in the city.

 Back in early 2019, the Zoox guys received permission from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (Las Vegas is part of that state) to autonomously drive on state roads, and new city traffic routes are currently being developed.

  To prevent a reduction in the cost of developing technology for independent driving, Zoox sends its prototypes – the Japanese Toyota Highlander crossover is used as the basis, on the streets of Las Vegas. It is reported that testing will last about six weeks, and in the near future it is planned to expand the “coverage area” throughout the city.

 At the moment, the Zoox startup, for the development of which has already raised more than $ 800 million, wants to introduce its own autonomous car, which was built from scratch, next year. It is reported that all prototypes are similar in size and shape to the British Mini Cooper and there is no steering wheel or traditional dashboard in their salons.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the German company Audi introduced a whole family of autonomous electric vehicles Al. Within the framework of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi introduced three electric cars of the new Al family at once. Each is equipped with an autonomous driving system.