ZF showed front electric handbrake

ZF showed front electric handbrake

March 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

ZF has introduced an electric parking brake (EPB – Electric Park Brake), which blocks the front wheels.

An auto parts company in Friedrichshafen refers to this as the “first in the industry”. Its application, according to ZF, will make it possible to extend the electric parking brake system to more cars.

Inside such cars, the usual, familiar parking brake lever will not occupy useful space, because with the “electric handrail” the need for it will disappear – it can be replaced with a compact key or another switch.

In addition, in vehicles with an electric parking brake, it will be possible to implement a function called Auto Hold, which significantly improves the driver’s starting process during frequent stops and subsequent starts (for example, in traffic jams).

Serial production of electric parking brake systems will begin at the ZF enterprises in Korea and the China in the near future.