Zero Motorcycles is not afraid to compete with major manufacturers.

Zero Motorcycles is not afraid to compete with major manufacturers.

July 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The CEO of the company is confident that the transition of competitors to electric motorcycles will not prevent Zero from remaining a central player in this segment.

Recently, BMW revealed the details of its concept-bike Vision DC Roadster with an electric motor, Ducati is currently developing its electrical technology for a future model, and also we will not forget about Harley-Davidson Livewire, which is already freely available. Considering the fact that major manufacturers have already entered the “game”, Sam Pashel insists that Zero will remain competitive thanks to years of development.

In an exclusive interview with MCN, Pashel says: “We are the brand that actually created this segment, the flagship of electric motorcycles, but, of course, we knew that the market would not remain ours alone.”

“We already have competitors, but on our side there are 13 years of experience and millions of miles of experience. There were many problems in the process, and other manufacturers will have to face them, this is a lot of work. Yes, companies are helping the electric segment to advance, but I’m sure – continues the CEO, – that we will occupy a large share in it, since we have a competitive advantage. “

On the other hand, he is concerned that the indecisive actions of a major manufacturer may adversely affect people’s opinions about electric motorcycles. “I only hope that they are really serious about business. It’s difficult to solve the problems of the new segment when you are focused on oil motorcycles. If large companies do not immediately succeed, or face technical problems, or slow down in development and leave, or fill the market a bunch of electric bikes that aren’t very good – it won’t affect the segment very well. I hope they take care of the changes. ”