Zero electric truck will receive eco-friendly and lightweight body panels

Zero electric truck will receive eco-friendly and lightweight body panels

July 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Volta Trucks asked the Italian CPC group of companies to “design and supply the world’s greenest composite exterior body panels” for the Zero electric truck.

Composite body panels have been around for decades, with Zero panels promising to be “innovative, green and recyclable.”

Volta did not go into details, but noted that full-scale production of the Zeros to customer specification will begin in late 2022. These models will be equipped with the first version of composite panels. Later, future developments will allow the company to produce more sustainable panels.

Zero is marketed as “the world’s first custom-built all-electric 16-ton commercial vehicle, designed specifically for intra-urban logistics.”

Sustainability goes beyond the powertrain as the truck was introduced using eco-friendly composite panels made from flax and biodegradable resin. They are all natural, lightweight and almost carbon neutral. More importantly, they have the same stiffness and weight as carbon fiber, while requiring 75% less CO2 to manufacture.

In a statement, Volta Trucks founder Karl-Magnus Norden said sustainability is the cornerstone of the company’s goal because saving the planet cannot wait. The company takes an eco-friendly approach to sourcing all materials to fulfill its mission to become the world’s most environmentally friendly commercial vehicle manufacturer.

As a reminder, the Zero has a center driver position that provides a 220 ° field of view. The truck is slated to have an electric range of 150-200 km, which could help cut CO2 emissions by about 1.2 million tonnes by 2025.

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