Zach Brown: In 2018, we were mistaken in expectations

Zach Brown: In 2018, we were mistaken in expectations

February 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After spending three seasons with Honda power plants, in 2018, McLaren switched to Renault engines, but there was no improvement in the results. Racefans quotes the head of Zach Brown – he believes that then the team set itself too high goals …

Zach Brown: “When we changed the supplier of power plants last year, the team decided too optimistically that we could quickly return to the number of leaders. We were mistaken in our expectations.

We tried to understand exactly what the error was. Before this season, the team had a lot of changes, both structural and operational, new employees came to us, so McLaren is waiting for a very important year in terms of demonstrating the progress achieved. ”

McLaren sports director Gilles de Ferran added that due to changes in the aerodynamic regulations, it would be difficult for the team to assess progress over last year: “Our engineers made a lot of effort to understand the flaws of the car related to aerodynamics. We have done everything possible to solve these problems, but the regulations will change again.

Changes only seem insignificant, but their influence on the car is quite large. Because of this, we have lost the point of reference for comparisons that could have been done with last year’s car if the rules had remained stable.

It’s hard to understand how well we did compared to the others, but we worked a lot to understand the fundamental causes of the problems and did everything to correct them. ”