Your next car may be connected to traffic lights

Your next car may be connected to traffic lights

November 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to the world auto giants, in a short time the driver will not have to pay attention to traffic lights, and at all stand at intersections. Active work is underway to develop technology that will connect cars and traffic lights.

In the future, drivers will no longer have to spend many hours on traffic lights and traffic jams, thanks to new technologies being developed by some of the world’s largest automakers. Volkswagen, Honda, Ford and BMW all want to develop technology that allows vehicles to freely exchange information with traffic lights to ease congestion, reduce emissions to the atmosphere and increase safety.

Volkswagen is working with Siemens to turn technology into reality. The system uses Wi-Fi and a range of sensors to get location data that is more accurate than GPS. The German automaker plans to start implementing the technology in their cars from 2019.

Honda is working on special cameras that will install at each intersection and handle the traffic flow. The result of the information processing will be transmitted to the on-board computers of the cars, which will allow passing intersections without stopping. Ford is working on an advanced information exchange system between cars. In this case, each car will become a sensor telling the rest of the road users about the information received.

All systems will significantly reduce the number of accidents, increase the average speed in the city, and also help to avoid traffic jams.

Meanwhile, the European organization EuroNCAP, which conducts test drives of European versions of cars, and is one of the most respected in the world, decided to check out the modern autonomous vehicles.