Young startup announced electric supercar Drako GTE for 1200 horsepower

Young startup announced electric supercar Drako GTE for 1200 horsepower

June 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Four electric motors will be responsible for the future performance of the new product, and its maximum speed will exceed 330 km / h.

Already this summer, a promising startup Drako Motors is going to present its electric hypercar GTE, capable of producing 1,200 hp. The debut of the future news promise to organize on August 16 in the framework of the festival «Quail Motorsports». The network has already posted the first teaser. It is known that the Drako GTE will receive a limited edition. The developers themselves call tremendous performance, impeccable handling and maximum safety as the main advantages of their hypercar.

On the technical features of the new developers do not yet apply. It is reported only that the Drako GTE will be equipped with four electric motors, whose total power will be 1,200 hp, and the torque – 8,800 Nm.

The first 100 kmh electric supercar is gaining in just two seconds, the maximum speed – 332 km / h. The power reserve of the novelty, as well as the capacity of the batteries, is still kept secret. According to the brand, their future electric hypercar boasts the best-in-class cornering. And the control of the impressive power of the power plant is carried out by modern electronic technologies, developed through testing at the famous Nürburgring race track.

Above the design of a four-seater car, Louis Vermish will work with the GranStudio team in Turin, Italy. These experts have already had a hand in the creation of several supercars. For example, Ferrari California, FF and 458.