You’ll want to see it: the grille on the production BMW 4 Series

You’ll want to see it: the grille on the production BMW 4 Series

October 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

BMW fans (and opponents) can suffer as much as they like from the look of a huge false radiator grille, which all new brand cars try on in turn. But it seems time to take for granted. The next generation coupe of the 4th series will not escape the controversial transformation of appearance.

Judging by the photo from the assembly line, which the user wilcoblok posted on his instagram, the false radiator grille on the compartment will reach enormous size. It’s time to move the side plate for the registration plate sideways, as is customary on Alfa Romeo with their impressive shield. However, the Bavarian designer find does not look as elegant as the Italians.

However, this image did not become a shock – BMW prepared us for it with the prototype Concept 4, although there was still hope that this was exhibition liberty. The sharp increase in the size of the radiator grilles of the serial BMW began with the birth of the large X7 crossover, where it looked more or less appropriate. However, then this stylistic decision was applied on the sedan of the 7th series, and after that the Concept 4 was also declassified.

As brand chief stylist Adrian van Hoydonk told Autocar, the exterior of the Bavarian cars should be simpler and cleaner: designers are trying to reduce the number of elements that make up the face of BMW. Automatically, each of the remaining elements begins to play a more serious role.

Also in the photo you can see very narrow headlights, which differ markedly from the optics of the sedan.