You certainly have never seen such a performance of the sports Pontiac Fiero!

You certainly have never seen such a performance of the sports Pontiac Fiero!

January 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An ad appeared on the Internet to sell the most unusual version of the Pontiac Fiero sports coupe I’ve ever seen. Now it’s a tricycle

The Pontiac Fiero, an American mid-engined sports car, has many times become the basis for rather strange tuning workshop projects over the years. But this tricycle, created on the basis of the powerful Feiro coupe, is perhaps the most unusual creation of them. If you want to get yourself such a means of transportation, then there is good news for you – at the moment, this masterpiece is for sale.

 The seller claims to have purchased this tricycle based on the Pontiac Fiero from a local mechanic who seems to have had a lot of time to create it. In fact, there is enough time to cut off the front working Fiero and graft the front suspension from the Harley Davidson Road King motorcycle.

 This strange 1985 Fiero is in excellent technical condition – the seller said that he had recently replaced the generator and battery.

 There was also an attempt to restore the air conditioning system, but the owner could not find the place of fluid leakage in the system.

It is noteworthy that a three-wheeled vehicle was made from a 1985 Fiero sports car, it is allowed to move on public roads. The seller claims that Three-Wheelaero – this is the name given to this tricycle, can give you many unforgettable emotions from driving, he also noted the excellent handling of the car.

 This Pontiac Fiero, which sells for $ 2,500, has almost no exterior left, and the rest of the panels require painting and significant repairs. However, the interior is in stunningly good condition.