You can put an end to the battle of Ford and Tesla

You can put an end to the battle of Ford and Tesla

November 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There was a high probability that we would still see a continuation of the confrontation between Ford and Tesla, but apparently there would be no continuation. And that’s why…

Recall, not so long ago, Tesla posted a video on which the process of pulling a rope between an electric Tesla CyberTruck pickup truck and a gasoline Ford F-150 was captured. Thus, the company Ilona Mask decided to skillfully and skillfully show its superiority over the enemy. Of course, the actions of Tesla did not appeal to the head of the Ford X unit, Sani Madra. He said their company knows how to take revenge.

 Nevertheless, experts agree that the confrontation will not take place. It seems that Ford decided to show who the leader is, saying that “he has nothing to prove to the competitor.” The automaker noted that he did not publicly challenge Tesla, and Sani Madra’s words were misinterpreted.

 “With America’s most sold pickup truck for 42 years, we have always focused on serving our customers, no matter what others say or do. We are all looking forward to our new hybrid F-150, which will be released next year, and the all-electric F-150 will be sold in a few years, ”Ford said in a statement.

 However, the brand Elon Musk knows how to attract the attention of an audience. Since the show of the first CyberTruck pickup company, very little time has passed, however, Tesla has already taken more than 250 thousand orders for it.

 It is worth noting that in 2018 Ford sold more than 909 thousand F-Series pickups in the United States, which is almost 5 times more than all cars sold by Tesla in its entire history.

Recall, some information appeared earlier that Tesla wants to make its “multimedia” even more entertaining. The new infotainment system has already become a market leader in terms of functionality and variety.