You can pay for a limousine with Bitcoins in Japan

You can pay for a limousine with Bitcoins in Japan

November 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The new method of payment is going to practice a local company specializing in the rental of limousines.

The people of Japan have another opportunity to really spend cryptocurrency. Earlier, local media reported that one of the Japanese companies allowed their customers to pay electric bills with Bitcoins. Recently it became known that Hinomaru Limousine introduces such a modern payment method. The company is going to accept cryptocurrency payments for the rental of its limousines.

Try out the innovation while only residents of Tokyo can. Auto, where it will be possible to pay Bitcoins, will be allowed between areas of the Japanese capital. Two other permitted points of the route are the international airports “Tokyo” and “Narita”.

It is planned that customers of Hinomaru Limousine will be able to pay with Bitcoins, as well as the so-called Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, for rental cars. Currently, the authors of the idea are completing the necessary technical training. If innovation takes root, it is possible that in the future limousines will be added to a taxi. In the Hinomaru Limousine fleet there are about 160.

As a reminder, earlier it was reported that one of the American car dealers started selling luxury cars for Bitcoins.