Yamaha unveils water-powered motorcycle concept

Yamaha unveils water-powered motorcycle concept

August 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Dozens of famous car brands are planning to expand into the electric car market. According to Yamaha, there are alternative technologies available to not only achieve zero emissions, but also increase engine efficiency. More recently, the Japanese company unveiled a concept motorcycle that is powered by a liquid drive.

Back in 2016, Yamaha sponsored a science project that eventually grew into a concept for a liquid-powered motorcycle. According to the information received, the Japanese manufacturer intends to release the first working prototype. Yamaha also showed off a concept bike, explaining how the new technology works.

The main idea is to replace the bulky chain drive with thin tubes of water. It is assumed that the liquid with the help of the impeller will be able to rotate the drive wheel. The water is driven by an electric pump and circulates in a closed system. If desired, you can use any liquid that is suitable for physical and chemical characteristics.

Earlier, the Australian company Azaris has already shown a similar technology with an efficiency of 98%, but due to various problems it was unable to enter the commercial market. It was then argued that the fluid drive had instantaneous torque and was compatible with various types of motors. Perhaps Yamaha has solved the underlying technology issues to create a working prototype of a liquid-powered bike.