Yamaha is testing a new 270-horsepower electric motor

Yamaha is testing a new 270-horsepower electric motor

February 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Yamaha is testing a new 270-hp synchronous magnet motor block in the engine compartment of an Alfa-Romeo model sports car with a 4c carbon tank.

Team Blue began to take orders during the week of February 3, 2019 for various sets of electric motors (from 35 kW to 200 kW) from other equipment manufacturers. It says the 200 kW package has the industry’s best power density for use in automobiles and “other types of vehicles.” That sounds promising.

Yamaha claims that this engine is particularly lightweight and compact in terms of the level of power it produces, made possible by high-performance conductors and advanced alloy casting technology. In addition to offering the engine for sale to other OEM partners, it can adapt this engine technology to its own PowerSports products.

Hamamatsu has teased electric motorbikes since at least 2013, and, with the exception of a small number of scooters, electronic bikes and professional riders, he has not yet introduced significant electric two-wheeled vehicles to the market. Of course, the smallest of his electric offerings would be an excellent powerplant for a small electric bike, a large electric scooter, or any number of off-road applications for 35 kW power sports (approximately 47 horsepower). However, if Yamaha could pack a larger motor into a wrapper for a sports bike, it would mean a significant increase in power compared to its already fast YZF-R1M.

If Yamaha is about to play an electric motorcycle game, it should begin to swing. To create a sensation in the EV two-wheeled electric car segment, he must produce numbers that will make people sit down and notice. Give the world a powerful electric sport bike (or MT-JM Series all-electric bare bike). We have been really good lately, and we deserve it.