Yacht Honda SJ32 received an exclusive color like the Acura NSX

Yacht Honda SJ32 received an exclusive color like the Acura NSX

October 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Honda Marine has signed a contract with SanJuanYachts. At the exit, we got the yacht SJ32. She has “highlights” that other boats do not have.

The last time the news about the LY 650 yacht, which was recently introduced by the Japanese brand Lexus, caused a huge stir. However, Honda is not going to lag behind its fellow. Their yacht has something that others do not have – VTEC.

 SJ32 differs from usual boats in its uniqueness. It is even equipped with some parts from Honda and Acura. The color of the yacht is orange, the same as that of the Acura NSX, although it is almost twice as expensive (depending on the options chosen – 300 and 450 thousand dollars).

Honda SJ32 is equipped with electronic valve timing and stroke control (VTEC), as well as two electronically controlled Honda Marine BF250 Intelligent Shift and Throttle outboard engines. Both motors total power of 500 horsepower (250 horsepower per motor).

 It will not be difficult to build your own boat on these two engines, but the SJ32 is specially designed for these engines. Its maximum speed reaches 88.5 km / h.

Recall that previously the designer Honda introduced his version of the Toyota Supra sports car generation A90. Not everyone liked the updated design of the car, but the designer showed his vision on the basis of past Supra generations.