Xpeng Motors is working on a new generation of its electric flying car

Xpeng Motors is working on a new generation of its electric flying car

July 19, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Xpeng Motors has unveiled the first images of the latest generation of its Voyager 2 electric flying car project, capable of speeds up to 130 km / h and a range of autonomous operation in the air up to 35 km.

There are already many projects in which aircraft for personal use are being studied and developed. One of the most advanced projects in China, but little known in Europe, is the Xpeng Motors project. This company makes the Xpeng P7, Xpeng P5 and Xpeng models. G3i. These cars are already arriving in Northern Europe in small quantities.

The novelty looks more like a drone than a street vehicle. But it still remains a vehicle for urban mobility.

These images are rather vague and data on the new model are scarce. But there are more than enough of them to get an idea of ​​the configuration of the new generation of Xpeng Motors’ flying electric vehicle, which is now called the Voyager 2.

Xpeng Motors Voyager 2 is an electric vertical clearance and landing aircraft. Due to its appearance and configuration, we shouldn’t even call it a flying car.

Rather, it is a giant drone with a large central cockpit that can comfortably accommodate two adult passengers. The model also has an autonomous driving system, the characteristics of which are not fully described in the company.

Thanks to its capabilities, the Xpeng Motors Voyager 2 is a zero-emission urban personal vehicle. It reaches a maximum range of 35 km at a maximum speed of 130 km / h with 8 backup battery packs. The cabin has two large seats, which are actually ejection seats with parachutes.

The dashboard is at the height that we can expect from a modern electric vehicle as it has a fairly modern design and multiple screens. The goal of this new model is to continue to accumulate hours of flight testing as it is a very realistic project to bring these flying two-seaters to market.

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