Xiaomi may launch its own car

Xiaomi may launch its own car

February 20, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Only we are used to the idea that Apple will not release another iPhone, but an electric car, as another smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi was credited with the same initiative.

On the Web, rumors began to spread persistently that the Chinese company Xiaomi could present its car. Several informed sources allegedly shared such information at once.

The company’s plans to enter the automotive market are currently being discussed at the senior management level. The details end there. It is only known that if this project eventually gets the green light, it will be supervised by Xiaomi co-founder and CEO Lei Jun.

Most likely, the Chinese will concentrate their efforts on the creation of an unmanned electric vehicle. However, there is another point of view: Xiaomi will not develop a whole car, but will only be engaged in the production of automotive electronics.

The company itself has not yet commented on rumors about a possible expansion of its scope of activities. Perhaps all this will remain at the level of rumors. However, against the backdrop of the stagnation of the smartphone market, the idea of ​​”smart” electric cars seems very promising.

Meanwhile, it became known that Apple and Nissan had not reached an agreement on the development of an unmanned electric car. The negotiations ended after Apple announced its desire to produce electric cars under the American logo.