Xiaomi has offered a new electric bike

Xiaomi has offered a new electric bike

April 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The well-known Chinese brand Xiaomi, which we know mainly as a manufacturer of smartphones and adjacent electronics, has launched a new, at least the second in a row in its line, electric bicycles.

If the first one was offered at a price of 260 dollars, then the new one costs already 375 dollars and is ready to offer a power reserve of 80 kilometers!

Bikes Xiaomi company produces under the brand HIMO. The novelty is called HIMO C20.

This bike boasts a proprietary lightweight and reliable 20-inch frame, a trip computer on the steering wheel with an indicator of speed and charge level, as well as mileage, etc.

Three modes of operation are available – only on the electric, with an electric motor as an assistant or just on the pedals without the participation of an electric motor.

The Shimano box, a 2.5 kg lithium-ion battery hiding at the base of the frame, is easily removed and quickly charged. Full charge time – 6 hours.

Total weight – 21 kg. Colors – white or dark gray. The maximum speed is 25 km / h. The length is 1,470 mm, the width is 610 mm, and the height is 1,060 mm. Wheels – 20-inch. Steering wheel – with adjustable lift. Bicycle folding, maximum load – 100 kg.

Another interesting fact is that the HIMO C20 has a convenient portable pump hidden in the seat. A good competitive advantage, already the second, after the price. Itself is great, by the way, folding, it develops, it has a folding steering wheel and pedals, which makes it even more convenient to transport it in transport. Above the front wheel there is a LED flashlight, similar to the red color, there is also a rear. On the sides there are reflectors. The steering wheel and battery are protected from water and moisture.