WSBK: Bautista Lead in the Third Stage

WSBK: Bautista Lead in the Third Stage

April 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This is the ninth consecutive victory of the Spaniard, who is approaching a new record. The third stage of the 2019 Superbike was held in Aragon.

In the first race of the weekend, Alvaro Bautista started from pole position and pulled ahead confidently towards the goal without giving up the position to other riders. With each round, he only increased the distance, and was in the lead with a five-second gap from his closest rival, Jonathan Ray.

Ray won second place not simply, Chaz Davis and Alex Lowes also claimed him. With the latter, they constantly overtook each other, but in the end Lowes remained on the third, and Davis was put on the fourth.

 The second race was held in a similar scenario, Alvaro was still leading with a margin, and all the same pilots fought behind him, except that Leon Haslam joined them. In the final standings, Bautista, Ray and Lowes are in the top three. Haslam on the fifth line, Davis – on the seventh.

 By a victory in Aragon, Bautista caught up with the record holder Neil Hodgson, who earned his ninth consecutive victory in the WSBK championship in 2003. To beat this result the Spanish rider needs to lead in the next two races, then it will be considered the longest series of victories in the world.