WRC plans to hybridize vehicles by 2022

WRC plans to hybridize vehicles by 2022

January 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

FIA President Jean Totd said that the preparation of the rally championship to the transition to new technologies has already begun.

In an interview with Motosport, Todt said that he was frustrated by the fact that WRC does not use hybrid technologies, while the whole world is gradually moving to more environmentally friendly engines. Including motor racing. After talking with the leadership of the championship, Todt learned that such technologies do not want to introduce automakers.

“Visiting international auto shows, I see a completely opposite picture: companies use new technologies. And I am upset by the fact that under the auspices of the FIA ​​there are those who refuse them. “

He also noted that now manufacturers openly told about the desire to go on hybrid rally cars. So, work has already begun on the introduction of new technologies in the WRC. M-Sport team boss Rich Millener adds: “We must have hybrids. This is the only thing that can leave the current manufacturers in the championship. And it seems the only way to attract new ones. ”