Worst purchase: new Tesla disappointed with quality

Worst purchase: new Tesla disappointed with quality

March 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla electric cars are known for their problems, because the company cannot establish high-quality production. This also affected the new Tesla Model Y 2020 crossover.

The first copies of the long-awaited model have already begun to ship to customers. But along with the desired electric car, many will get problems that relate to poor painting, defective assembly and problems with the quality of the car.

YouYube-channel Chicago Auto Pros has already studied in detail one of the first produced copies of the Tesla Model Y electric car. It turned out that the traditional problems for the California company with painting did not disappear.

Perhaps, in a particular case, the troubles are associated with the desire of the manufacturer to get ahead of the previously scheduled schedule, because the Tesla Model U crossover began to be delivered at an accelerated pace. Although Tesla cars have never been of high quality, despite the price.

And this time, buyers are likely to be dissatisfied. The blogger showed a lot of paint defects. This can be a consequence of both low-quality technological processes in production and the result of delivery. Tesla electric vehicles are transported in open transporters without any protective equipment. Of course, on the way to the dealers, the cars get some damage.

During the inspection, it was possible (without difficulty) to find chips on the paint, scuffs and scratches, an uneven coating layer, dust under the varnish. Some of these shortcomings can be corrected by surface polishing. However, usually buying a new car does not imply such manipulations.

In addition, a lot of flaws were found in the Tesla Model Y interior. The fitting of the elements leaves much to be desired (this also applies to body panels), some details simply wobble and seem not to be fully installed, the finish of the sun visors is already damaged, and traces of dirty ones are visible on the ceiling. hands.