World’s largest oil supplier to build city for electric cars

World’s largest oil supplier to build city for electric cars

January 11, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Oil workers are actively investing in electric vehicles. This is a well-established trend. In Saudi Arabia, for example, they are going to build an entire city dominated by battery cars.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed ibn Salman, talked about the construction of an unusual city where the level of harmful emissions from cars will be reduced to zero. In this project, known as “Neom”, they are going to invest an unprecedented amount. Investments will reach $ 500 billion. The future city already has the name “The Line”

It can be considered “speaking”, since the new settlement will stretch for 170 kilometers. All this space will not be empty: a million people will be able to live in the city. The concept of the new city is multifaceted and is not limited to electric cars alone. It will be a free zone where innovation, production, export and all kinds of creative projects will be concentrated.

Such a futuristic city with the proper amount of funding (and the world’s largest oil power has it) may well become a reality.

According to experts, the first stage of the construction of such a science fiction city may be completed as early as 2025.

Meanwhile, it became known about Tesla’s plans to build a design center in China. Interesting new products of the brand will be presented here in order to increase its popularity in China.