World’s first racing flying car debuts

World’s first racing flying car debuts

February 6, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

By its construction, this is a rather complex apparatus. Speeder-octocopter – this is how its developers characterize it.

Australian company Alauda Aeronautics has unveiled the Airspeeder Mk3, a flying vehicle designed for manned racing. This device accelerates to 120 km / h. It took three years to develop and create it. The flying car was created specifically for racing. This is a new sport that will accelerate the introduction of flying vehicles into everyday life.

The first competition should take place this year. The Australians are planning to assemble ten of these machines for them. Interestingly, Airspeeder is being developed by a whole team of specialists from different companies belonging to the aerospace and automotive industries – from Boeing to McLaren.

The competitions themselves are remotely piloted races. As planned by the organizers, they will resemble the pod races from the cult Star Wars franchise. In the first season, all cars will be controlled from the outside. And next year the pilots will be responsible for this, who will take the steering wheel in their hands.

The Airspeeder Mk3 weighs about one hundred kilograms – it’s all about the carbon fiber body. A 120-strong electric power plant is responsible for its performance.

The flying car turned out to be very maneuverable thanks to eight propellers, and it is also trained in vertical take-off and landing. This flying electric car is equipped with the most advanced technologies. These are, for example, all sorts of lidars and radars that will protect cars from collisions.

Meanwhile, Xpeng Motors is set to launch its own flying car by the end of 2021. The company is one of the most technologically advanced in the Chinese market, so the success of the project is very likely.