World car market fell for the first time in seven years

World car market fell for the first time in seven years

January 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sales of new passenger and light commercial vehicles on the world market declined for the first time in seven years. In total, in 2018 automakers sold 97 million 791 thousand vehicles, which is 0.5% less than in 2017. About this, with reference to the data of the company LMC Automotive.

The leader of the global car market continues to be China, where 27 million 732 thousand cars were sold – 3% less than a year earlier. The second place is still occupied by the United States, where sales grew by 0.6% – up to 17 million 292 thousand cars.

The market of Western Europe with the result of 16 million 153 thousand cars showed zero dynamics. In Eastern Europe, dealers sold 4 million 245 thousand cars (+ 0.5%), and in South America – 3 million 245 thousand cars (+ 7.1%).

According to the Association of European Businesses (AEB), in 2018, 1.80 million new passenger cars were sold in Russia, which is 205 thousand cars (or 12.8%) more than in 2017. According to the forecasts of the organization, next year sales of new cars in Russia will grow by 3.6% and amount to 1.87 million units.