Work on Nikola Badger electric pickup is suspended

Work on Nikola Badger electric pickup is suspended

December 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This happened after GM changed its mind about acquiring a stake in Nikola. At the same time, GM specialists will not participate in the development of the Badger electric pickup. Although back in early autumn, the media wrote about the partnership between the two companies.

Nikola emerged in 2014, choosing the niche for hydrogen commercial electric vehicles. In February 2020, the brand decided to try its hand at another niche, showing a “virtual” prototype of the Badger electric pickup truck.

This concept boasted a powerful 918 hp power plant. Now, according to AutoCar, work on this model has been suspended because the deal between General Motors and Nikola had to be revised. The agreement between the companies was signed in September.

The startup itself will focus on releasing a hydrogen version of Badger. Such a fuel cell pickup truck will be produced at GM facilities.

Recall that last summer, Nikola announced the start of booking an electric pickup.

Then it was planned that the first buyers will receive the commercial vehicles in December.

Meanwhile, Tesla has received permission to sell the new Model Y crossover in China. At the moment, only a Model 3 car can be purchased in the Celestial Empire. For the production of Model Y at a plant in Shanghai, production will be expanded.