Wonders of British technology: leave the car to the robot – it will park

Wonders of British technology: leave the car to the robot – it will park

February 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

New technologies are gradually facilitating the lives of people, and the robots created with their help are ready to take care of, for example, finding a place to park and delivering a car there.

London Gatwick Airport will soon begin an experiment on the automatic parking of passenger cars. The essence of the new advanced parking system is that autonomous robots will pick up cars from customers and deliver them to the parking lot.

To deliver cars to the parking spaces, the robot is equipped with a special platform that rolls under the vehicle, then lifts it above the ground and transports it. The airport administration hopes that this system will allow to place much more cars on the available parking areas than is currently located there. Due to the fact that cars will be transported to parking spaces already empty and no one needs to leave them, it will be possible to install vehicles much more densely.

Stanley Robotics will be engaged in the delivery of robots to aerogavani parking. Its specialists have considerable experience in the implementation of this technology, as they have already been engaged in similar projects for a couple of French airports.

Tests of the Gatwick airport parking system will last three months, and the number of parking spaces will increase from 170 to 270 at this time. To park the car, the owner only has to drive it into a special box, from where the robot will take the car, and then return it to arrival of the host. By the way, for greater convenience, all robots will have information about the flights of users of the parking system and deliver their cars ahead of time so that travelers do not have to wait too long.

The project starts in August of this year, and until that time, representatives of the Stanley Robotics company will carry out preparatory work at the airport’s parking lot, during which they will remove all obstacles hindering the movement of valet robots. For example, cracks in the asphalt and the mast of unwanted lighting.