Woman burned a new Jeep Cherokee, buying an accessory for her iPhone

Woman burned a new Jeep Cherokee, buying an accessory for her iPhone

July 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A resident of Oklahoma (USA) paid dearly for buying an uncertified lithium-ion battery for the iPhone.

As Jabria Pratt told, she thought that buying a battery from a third-party seller is common practice. The woman did not even suspect that a poor-quality battery could explode. This happened when Pratt’s gabby went to work, leaving the battery in the seat of the Jeep Cherokee.

At first the battery caught fire and set fire to the seat, and then exploded. The 2019 Cherokee showroom quickly turned out to be engulfed in flames and, although the firefighters were on the scene in a few minutes, they could not hold back the fire.


Firefighters told the car owner that if she left at least one window open, there would be more oxygen near the fire. In this case, the car would burn out entirely. An even more dangerous incident could be if there were people in the cabin.

Worst of all, Pratt is now left without a car, but there is no one to make a complaint. A woman is not sure that at least some of the damage will be covered by insurance. The seller, from whom she bought the battery, does not respond to calls and deleted all of its ads. Amazon, through which the ill-fated battery was purchased, also refuses to take responsibility for a third party.