With this body kit, the Toyota Supra looks completely new.

With this body kit, the Toyota Supra looks completely new.

October 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Well-known tuning company Rocket Bunny introduced a specially designed aerodynamic body kit for the Toyota Supra A90 generation coupe. Separately, it is worth noting the wide wings, the lower front “lip”, the side “skirts” and, most importantly, the massive rear wing.

Sales of the Japanese sports coupe Toyota Supra 2020 model year started just a few months ago, but nevertheless, there are already several tuning projects for this car. Among them, it is worth noting the work of the legendary Rocket Bunny team, which created an aerodynamic body kit that pretty much changes the appearance of the Japanese legend. You can be sure that now everyone, absolutely everyone will pay attention to this machine.

Although in its serial form, the Toyota Supra looks very, very good, a wide body kit from a third-party company raises the exterior to a completely different level.

Wide wings, a lower front lip, side skirts and, most importantly, a massive rear wing are included in the exclusive Rocket Bunny V1.5 body kit for the Supra A90 generation.

The whole set costs $ 8,700. Company representatives also separately noted that we have before us one of the first copies of the Japanese coupe, which is sold with white wheels.

According to the representatives of the tuning company, a complete set of Rocket Bunny V1.5 was installed in one day. Thanks to a carefully thought-out design, the installation of the body kit will be quite simple, even taking into account the necessary time.