Winnebago introduced Solis motorhome

Winnebago introduced Solis motorhome

October 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At a recent event in Elkhart (USA), the legendary manufacturer introduced something special. This is a Class B wagon that will receive the Solis designation. There are no prices yet, and the start of sales is scheduled for 2020.

 What is the feature of this new product? The van is built on the popular Ram ProMaster chassis and is designed to accommodate four adults. That is, it has sleeping places for four, but with a sleeping sofa, Solis can easily accommodate six passengers for the night. A pair of seat belts is located behind the driver and passenger seats, and the seats themselves can rotate, forming a small dining area.

One of the main features of the new product is a fiberglass roof. It is mounted on gas springs and you can get into it with the help of a removable ladder in the front of the van, and in the raised position this element turns into an “attic”, which can accommodate two adults. The Murphy bed, installed in the back of the Solis motorhome, can become a second bed for two, and under it is another modular table that can serve as an additional kitchen “counter” or a small work area.

Winnebago has yet to say anything about the power of its new model. According to insiders, prices for Solis will start at $ 100,667, and the start of sales is scheduled for 2020.

Speaking of the kitchen, Solis has a refrigerator with a 12-volt compressor, as well as a double burner stove and sink with a water recirculation function. When you need hot water, turn the knob under the sink and the pump recirculates the cold water already in the system. There is also hot water. Opposite the kitchen is a fully equipped bathroom with shower, cassette toilet and built-in air vents to help dry wet clothes. A standard 220 Watt solar panel helps to store energy.