Williams thanked the team

Williams thanked the team

March 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tests started for Williams later than for other teams – in the Grove just did not have time to prepare a new car, so the FW42 appeared on the track in Barcelona only on the third of eight test days.

It was last week, but during the second series of tests, the team works intensively on the track, and its leaders promise to catch up. The car really works quite reliably, and yesterday George Russell drove more than all the circles – 140, however, he was only on the 11th line of the protocol of Friday.

“I would have lied if I would say that now we are not the slowest. But such is the reality. We are one step behind the rest, ”the Formula 1 British debutant had to admit.

Meanwhile, the team came up with an original and touching way of thanking their employees: on the end plates of the rear wing of the car, there appeared a long list of all those who had to do with the creation of the FW42.

Having published a snapshot of the first part of this list on social networks, the team’s press service added one line to it: “Thank you everyone in the team for keeping you together, despite the difficult start of the season.”

The photo immediately caused a lively reaction from the fans, and someone asked a very logical question: “Is Paddy Low mentioned in this list?”

In theory, the technical director of the team is primarily responsible for the strict adherence to the schedule of all work. Rumors have already appeared in the paddock that Lowe may face dismissal, but he tried to refute this: “There is a common habit of changing people if something does not add up. But I also see that in the more powerful teams of Formula 1 this does not happen. Any problem is an opportunity to learn something. If difficulties arise, you draw conclusions and try to turn everything to your advantage. ”