Williams is happy to finish two cars

Williams is happy to finish two cars

March 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Williams closed the Melbourne racing protocol – George Russell has lost two laps to the leader, and Robert Kubica has three, but the team is already pleased with the fact that they were able to finish.

George Russell (16th): “I’m glad I was able to finish. Physically, I feel fine, I ran the race normally, but I’m sorry to hear that the car is so much inferior to the rivals at the speed.

We conducted an additional pit stop to try all three tires, gathering additional information. The team has a lot to do, but I hope we will add.

I’m not interested in fighting with Robert for the last race, we have to work with him to help the team. In general, I can be pleased. Before the start of the weekend, I set my goals for myself – and I got what I wanted. “

Robert Kubica (17th): “We also knew before the start that the race would not be easy. We decided to start the Hard tires race to learn how to work with them. Despite such a rigid structure, I started well and in the first turn I occupied the inside radius. At the exit of the turn, the Red Bull rider shifted to the right to avoid contact with another car; we touched – my front wing was damaged in my car and I had to roll into the boxes.

In addition, in the third lap, the car lost one of the mirrors, so it was not easy to follow the blue flags. Nevertheless, there were also positive moments – I want to thank everyone in our team. “

Dave Robson, chief racing engineer: “As expected, the day turned out to be difficult, but we managed to finish two cars.

Robert was not lucky on the first lap, but we put him a new front wing, he returned to the fight and well spent the race.

George today spent the first Formula 1 race in his career, during the weekend he successfully coped with all the tasks, but today he was able to finish. The team has traditionally well spent pit stops, we have coped well with the technique that we have at our disposal. ”