Williams focuses on the positives

Williams focuses on the positives

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Williams is unhappy with the result of Robert Kubica and the departure of George Russell, but focuses on the positive aspects …

Dave Robson, chief racing engineer: “The race was long and difficult: a safety car drove three times, so we approached the two-hour limit. George was not lucky at the start, when he was caught between cars and damaged the front wing. Then he drove the long first segment on tougher tires and showed a good pace on a clean track, until the race for him ended in a clash with Roman Grosjean.

Robert had problems in the first segment, but in the second – on a more rigid rubber composition, he was happy with everything. Thanks to several safety cars, he was able to finish in the same circle with the leader and not so much lose to rivals. At the last restart, Magnussen had serious problems with old tires, Robert overtook him and finished 16th.

The weekend turned out to be difficult for the team, today we had the first gathering of the season, but we saw a few positive moments that will help us in the future. ”

Robert Kubica (16th): “In my opinion, I coped well with the difficulties that this race poses for the rider, car and tires. On the final set of tires there were problems with the balance, so the last 20 laps turned out to be difficult.

We did not achieve much success, but for me personally, the finish in this race is an important achievement, given its complexity. I remember the state I was in two or three years ago, and no one would believe that I would be able to perform so well in Singapore. “

George Russell (gathering): “From the start, everything went horribly: in the first corner I was caught between Robert and Daniel Riccardo.

We had a good racing pace, but then Grosjean tried to get ahead of me at the entrance to the eighth turn. We drove apex in parallel. I was on the inner radius, and I had an advantage in speed, and at the exit from the turn noticeably ahead of him. At such a moment, the one on the outer radius must yield. But then his front right wheel hit my rear left, and I crashed into a fence. The weekend went well, but it all ended with the fact that we missed our chance. ”