Williams: Financial Matters Most Important

Williams: Financial Matters Most Important

August 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The main problem that needs to be solved is to change the approach to the distribution of income that Formula 1 earns, ”says Claire Williams, deputy head of the Williams team. All other questions only distract from the main thing.

The final approval of the technical regulations for 2021 was postponed to the end of October, but negotiations are ongoing between Liberty Media, the FIA ​​and the teams on a number of other issues, including issues related to tires.

“In my opinion, we should clearly tell Pirelli what we want,” Williams quotes RaceFans.net. – Of course, different teams have different opinions based on how effectively they manage to work with rubber in relation to their cars. Racers will also have their own opinion on which tires they would like to deal with. I think that soon there should be a solution that suits the team, riders and Pirelli, which will be easy to adhere to in the future.

There is a transition to 18-inch tires, but there is already a debate, and not to return to 13-inch tires? “We need to choose a specific direction, adhere to it, and then develop all other elements that will contribute to the implementation of this plan.”

However, the problem of income distribution, according to the Deputy Head of Williams, is much more important for her team than the tire theme: “If we want to improve our sport and increase the entertainment of races, we can’t concentrate only on any particular element. We can’t say that only tires are to blame. There are many other factors that also have an impact.

From our point of view, of course, it is much more important to deal with the financial side of Formula 1, especially with the distribution of income. It is necessary to finally determine the conditions for the transition to limited budgets and literally carve them in stone.

I really believe that this will create the basis for improving the quality of the show, and talking about other things can be a bit of a distraction. In my opinion, if revenues are distributed more equitably, this will certainly have a positive impact on the entertainment of races. ”