Will the Toyota Supra and 86 sports coupes catch up with the huge BMW X7 crossover?

Will the Toyota Supra and 86 sports coupes catch up with the huge BMW X7 crossover?

January 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Enthusiasts decided to arrange a very strange race – they decided to contrast the sports coupe Toyota Supra and 86 full-size Bavarian crossover BMW X7. Did the result of the duel surprise everyone?

  A new video from The Fast Lane Car – the name of their YouTube channel – is trying to find an answer to a very strange question, which may seem obvious to many motorists, but nonetheless. Are crossovers new sports cars for the new automotive era? Of course not. But this does not mean that crossovers and SUVs can not show the impressive result of the passage of a full circle on the race track, which even real sports cars can sometimes envy.

so that the guys decided to answer a rather sharp question. To find the answer, they use a rather unusual approach, contrasting two Toyota sports cars to BMW’s largest car.

The X7 crossover shown here is presented in the most powerful modification of the M50i at the moment. The car weighs almost three tons and can accommodate seven people in its luxurious interior. Under its hood is a 523 horsepower engine. Toyota Supra boasts a 335-horsepower engine … from the same BMW.

 As a discipline in which the competition was held, travel on the race track for a while was chosen. The video even mentions that this track contains many winding sections and straight lines, in the last sections, the X7 engine can develop its power.

 As expected, the feedback from the driver who drove the track on each of the cars was positive for the sports 86 and Supra. Well, the X7 crossover tilted a lot in the corners, the driver noted that it was not sufficiently rotated compared to a more balanced sports car. Well, I did not expect another result from these races.