Will the new Ford Shelby GT500 be able to defeat the British “monster” speed McLaren 720S?

Will the new Ford Shelby GT500 be able to defeat the British “monster” speed McLaren 720S?

January 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Specialists at the Hennessey Performance tuning studio decided to arrange a straight race between the new generation of the high-performance Ford Shelby GT500 and the British supercar McLaren 720S.

  The new Mustang Shelby GT500 is quickly gaining a reputation as a powerful car that could be the best in its class. We saw how he was able to easily get ahead of the 797-horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye in a straight race. In addition, the “American” was also able to go through the full circle of the Nurburgring race track almost as fast as the German Porsche 911 coupe in the most powerful version of the GT3 RS did.

Now the guys from the Texas-based tuning studio Hennessey Performance have decided to contrast the powerful version of the iconic Mustang coupe with a car, which is arguably the fastest production car you can buy today. This is a British supercar McLaren 720S.
We have already seen how the McLaren car overcomes 402 meters in just 9 seconds, which is a very impressive result.

 The race was decided to be held at the Hennessey factory in Texas. In total, three races were held and yes, the British supercar was each time faster than its American competitor.

This video has its own meaning, and not only because Hennessey Performance likes to publish video about racing in a straight line, or as drag racing is also called. The Shelby GT500 is the latest vehicle to receive tuning from Hennessey soon. The guys have not yet talked about how the car will be modified, but with the 760 horsepower that is under the hood of the Mustang from the factory, we would not be surprised to see the 1000-horsepower HPE GT500 in the near future.

 When this happens, you can bet that a new video will be published showing new races. Perhaps Shelby will have a chance against 720S – unless the latter is also modified.