Will the new BMW 4 Series get black bumpers as standard?

Will the new BMW 4 Series get black bumpers as standard?

June 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The artist presented what the basic version of the Bavarian new generation BMW 4 Series coupe might look like. The car received black plastic bumpers, cheap halogen headlights and not a gram of chromium.

A completely new generation of coupe BMW 4 Series is already officially unveiled. And although many have doubts about its design, we have no doubt that the car will become a hit among buyers of sports coupes, especially in Europe.

You will have to pay at least $ 45,600 for the base model 430i Coupe with rear-wheel drive in the USA, but German customers have a (relatively) more affordable version 420i, which starts at 45,800 euros.

A few days ago, in our automobile news, we shared photos and details about the new 4 Series coupe, which is already sold in Germany. It has a somewhat restrained appearance, and in its interior, there is even an analog instrument cluster, a traditional tachometer, and a speedometer with a small 5.1-inch color display. But the new rendering shows us the cheapest version of the Bavarian news.

Fortunately, the car you see here does not exist in the real world and (hopefully) never becomes a reality.

This is the work of the X-Tomi designer who presents the basic version of the new 4 Series with black plastic bumpers, cheap halogen headlights, and no gram of chrome. A massive double false radiator grill still adorns the front, but the car received 16-inch wheels and has door handles and side mirror covers that are not yet finished in body color.

If we give free rein to our imagination, we can imagine that such a car will receive a 136-horsepower version of the 1.5-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged BMW engine.

Not so long ago, we wrote that on the Internet showed the new BMW 4-Series in the back of a shooting-break. BMW has just recently officially unveiled the updated 4-Series BMW, which has given new reasons for designers to incorporate their imagination.