Will the future Mazda RX-9 get a rotary engine?

Will the future Mazda RX-9 get a rotary engine?

January 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese sports car will certainly be presented in the near future, but it is unlikely to receive the legendary rotary engine.

For many years, the Japanese automaker has been cherishing the hope of introducing a new generation of sports car with a rotary engine under the hood. The last such car of the company – the RX-8 model, was discontinued in 2012, and since then rumors about the appearance of the receiver have constantly surfaced. This is a brand new RX-9.

 According to new data, the sports coupe RX-9 will certainly be presented, however, already without a rotary motor. This rumor, at the time of writing the news, is not officially confirmed and belongs to an anonymous source, although the Japanese specialized publications that published this news claim that the source is trustworthy.

Instead of a compact rotary engine, under the hood, the RX-9 will have the usual in-line turbocharged six, and most importantly, it has nothing to do with BMW. And what about the Bavarian brand? The new generation Toyota Supra used a motor from BMW. So, it is reported that the RX-9 engine will belong to the Mazda Skyactiv family. They say that it can develop from 350 to 400 horsepower, and if the RX-9 can be as light and balanced as its predecessors, then it may well become a very worthy competitor for the Toyota Supra generation A90.

 We suspect that the appearance of the new Mazda RX sports car without a rotary motor will be a betrayal of the company’s dream of a new rotary car. But apparently, the Japanese brand has nowhere to go, because rotary motors are not reliable, and even do not fit the current emission standards.