Will the current generation of the Ram 1500 pickup get a diesel engine?

Will the current generation of the Ram 1500 pickup get a diesel engine?

April 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The diesel engine is still one of the possible options for the classic Ram pickup (it is also called – Classic). This year it will be available for the new 1500.

The Ram 1500 pickup truck of the current generation is a beautiful car inside and out, and it surpasses its predecessor in terms of functionality. However, the updated version of the American truck can no longer boast the variety of motor range that was before.

We are talking about a 3.0-liter V6 EcoDiesel, which was available for the old model, and although we heard rumors that the engine will be offered for the new Ram, this has not happened yet.

At the New York Motor Show this year, foreign automotive publications were able to personally talk with Jim Morrison, who is the head of the brand FCA Ram. On the question of whether a diesel engine will be offered for the new generation of the Ram 1500, Mr. Morrison said that it would happen. Nothing concrete has ever sounded, but our friends insiders say that the start of sales of a full-size pickup truck with a diesel engine is scheduled for this year.

It is reported that this same diesel engine will not be the usual 3.0-liter turbodiesel, which was used in the previous Ram. Most likely, it will be a revised version of the same engine that is used in the Jeep Gladiator pickup. According to rumors, the power will be equal to 260 hp (599 Nm). This is a bit more than the EcoDiesel available in the Ram Classic pickup.

Also, Jim Morrison was asked about the revival of the segment of medium-sized pickups. Starting from the distant 1980s, there was a similar truck in the model range of the company, it was Dodge Dakota. Sales of the model ended in 2011. The answer is simple, you can forget about the return.