Will Power won the IndyCar race in Portland

Will Power won the IndyCar race in Portland

September 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Will Power won the IndyCar Series 16th and penultimate stage of the 2019 season, which took place on the classic Portland Oregon road. The first two-thirds of this season, Will is often unlucky, and he has no chance of not having a league title. But now the 2014 champion has won the second race of the last three.

This victory was the 37th in the career of an Australian and the first on the Portland circuit, which returned to the calendar last year. The day before, the Australian was upset by the second place in the qualification, and in the race he took the lead on the 52nd lap of 105, when Scott Dixon, who was in the lead at that time, had problems with the battery.

In Pocono, two representatives of the Southern Hemisphere fought for victory, but this time their duel was not destined to take place. After replacing the battery, Dixon returned to the track, but already without a chance of at least some decent result, along the way, almost completely losing the chance of a champion title.

At the end of the race, Power was ahead of his closest rivals by more than three laps, and only the yellow flag could stop him. And he appeared on the 98th lap because of Santino Ferrucci, who stopped at the direct start finish, when technical problems arose on his car.

But at the restart, Power left no chance for Felix Rosenquist and Alexander Rossi and won the race after four laps.

“It was a pretty difficult race,” said Power. “In the end, I was constantly under pressure from Rosenquist.” Then we could come off, and I thought that everything should be fine, but a yellow flag appeared, and I thought: “Well, how so?” This is an incredible victory, but I am squeezed like a lemon, both physically and mentally. ”

Felix Rosenquist finished the race second, which, when Ferrucci left, was an important result for him, because they are in a tense battle for the title of rookie of the year. Now the Swede has a margin of 41 points, but double points will be played in Lagoon Sec.

The third place of Alexander Rossi can be considered a success, because he won a few points from Joseph Newgarden and returned to the second line of the championship. Miraculously, he did not fall into several blockages that occurred near him.

Starting off the pole, Colton Hurt was in the lead in the early stages of the race. It seemed that the second-generation pilot would be able to compete for a second victory in his debut season, but by the end of the first segment the soft tires on the young pilot’s car began to leave, and on lap 36-37 he lost four positions, rolling to fifth place. In the end, he finished fourth.

The race began with a blockage. Ironically, on the eve of the weekend, the former series racer Max Papis posted on Twitter a blockage record in the same turn in the 98th year, and asked the current pilots not to repeat this accident and not to upset the race director.

But in the end, the blockage occurred in the first turn and it was on the first lap. The instigator of the incident was Graham Reyhol, who made a mistake in braking, buried in the car of Zach Wiich, whom he turned around. This episode triggered a chain reaction. As a result, not only Reyhol and Wiich, but also two SPM racers, James Hinchcliff and Conor Daly, who replaced Marcus Ericsson here, were among those who came. Among the participants in the rubble were also Takuma Sato, who went to repair the damaged car, Simon Pazhno, whose car was unrolled, and James Hinchcliff, the leader of the championship, for whom, fortunately, everything worked out.

“I was very wrong with the braking point, and I accept this slap in the face,” said Graham Reyhol. – I got a little lost in space among the rivals and misjudged when to slow down. I want to apologize to all the guys who fell into the rubble. I don’t know what else to say. ”

Newgarden was able to avoid trouble during the first blockage and, having traveled around the unfolding cars, ended up in fifth place. Before the season finale, he is ahead of Rossi by 41 points.

“I ended up in the wrong place, at the wrong time,” said Newgarden, “I had nowhere to go. I tried to go around everyone – fortunately, I did not hurt anyone, and then we squeezed the maximum. I would like to finish above, but when starting from 13th place, we should be glad about our final position, so it’s a sin to complain.

I’m happy for Will. If we could not win, then his victory was the best option, because he took points from my opponents. Fifth place was the best we could hope for. ”

The second incident in the first corner occurred two laps after the restart. Ryan Hunter-Rey defended the fifth position against Rossi, made a mistake on braking and delivered Jack Harvey, who was the fourth, receiving sarcastic applause from the Englishman. Rossi miraculously escaped incidents in both the first and second episodes.

Following Newgarden, who closed the top 5, Spencer Pigot, Simon Pazhno, Mateusz Liszt, Sebastian Bourdais and Charlie Kimball finished.

In anticipation of the season finale of the IndyCar series on the Laguna Seca circuit, where the series returns for the first time in many years, Newgarden is 41 points behind Joseph Newgarden and 42 points ahead of Simon Pazhno. Double points allow you to save intrigue in the battle for the champion title.

“A few years ago, Dixon won the title, 45 points behind the last race,” said Simon Pazhno, recalling 2015. – It’s great that in front of the Laguna we still have chances for the title. I am determined. Today we had a good race, despite all the problems at the start. ”