Will Mazda create a new rotary supercar or not?

Will Mazda create a new rotary supercar or not?

October 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At this point, an incredible number of renders of the new Japanese sports car from Mazda have already been published, which will receive a next-generation rotary engine. We talked about a lot of rumors about the long-awaited new product, but nothing concrete was said or seen and was never. Representatives of the company gave a clear answer about plans for such a car.

This time, the source of our article is a report by the current head of research and development at Mazda, as well as the head of the design department of the Japanese brand. They “shed light” on the return of a Mazda sports car with a rotary engine.

At the 46th Tokyo Motor Show, Ichiro Hirose and Ikuo Maeda said that returning the rotary engine is “our dream.” Maeda-san, however, added that they are in a kind of race against time when they are asked about the timing of the appearance of such a sports car.

“I understand that the clock is ticking, and the requirements for environmental protection (we are talking about strict standards for emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere by motors – editorial note) can change very quickly. We must be sure that our new supercar with a rotary engine will be needed by the market. Therefore, we understand that we are racing with time, ”Maeda-san explained.

Thus, the Japanese automaker in no case does not abandon its dream of creating a completely new sports car with a rotary engine. We can also conclude that problems with constantly stricter emission standards for modern carbon dioxide engines still play a huge role in preventing the return of the legendary Mazda RX receiver.

However, patent applications were discovered this year indicating that Mazda is deciding something to reduce its emissions of its own engines. The patents talk about increasing the intake efficiency, improving overall performance without increasing the sliding resistance of the rotor, and also a way to remove soot and water from the rotor chamber.