Will FCA have in-line 6-cylinder engines?

Will FCA have in-line 6-cylinder engines?

September 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Recently, here and there began to appear rumors that in the near future, at the disposal of the Italian-American automobile concern FCA can appear in-line 6-cylinder engines. I must say that in the light of the current situation with environmental standards, this possibility does not look vague.

It’s no secret that the American automaker – the company Chrysler, has used in-line 6-cylinder engines since 1964. They were equipped with most models – from sedans to jeeps and pickups. But since 2007, after the appearance of SUV Jeep Wrangler JK, such motors were no longer used.

However, everything can change – as reported by our fellow insiders, the leadership of the Italian-American concern FCA is currently seriously considering the possibility of returning in-line motors with 6 cylinders. It is noteworthy that this information appeared last year. And now foreign publications again trumpet about the return of these engines. Note that at the moment the news of the return of in-line 6-cylinder engines is not officially affected.

According to its own, “proven” sources of the foreign publication Allpar, at the moment the engineers of FCA are busy creating a new six-cylinder engine, which is built on the basis of the 4-cylinder inline engine Global Medium Engine (GME).

The last was equipped with an American SUV Jeep Wrangler JL, as well as an Italian sedan Alfa Romeo Guilia. It is reported that the design of the engine will not receive any major changes – engineers of the Italian-American concern will simply add 2 cylinders.

It was also possible to learn that according to the original plan of the current FCA leadership, it was necessary to modernize the existing Pentastar V6 family, but the limits on volume and capacity made the concern change its plans. By the way, according to preliminary data, the working volume of the engine will be the same 2.99 liters.

Finally, we note that recently, many world automakers began to look towards the development of straight-line 4- and 6-cylinder engines with a turbo.