Will Buxton that there is no place for etiquette in Formula 1

Will Buxton that there is no place for etiquette in Formula 1

April 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After qualifying in Shanghai, Max Verstappen was furious because he believed that several of his rivals had violated the unwritten Formula 1 rule and were ahead of him, although he was preparing for his decisive attempt in the final session. According to the driver of Red Bull Racing, at that moment he tried to adhere to this rule and did not overtake others, but others overtook him, and in the end he did not have time to start a fast lap.

Not all riders and not all experts were ready to agree with him, in particular, Lewis Hamilton on social networks made it clear that there was no such rule.

British journalist Will Buxton is also convinced that in Formula 1 there is no place for etiquette and gentlemanly manners.

Is motoring a place for polite manners and etiquette? Should there be harmony between racers, should they get along with each other? Do I need to impose any restrictions on what the driver is allowed? …

We are not talking about crashing into another car, driving off the track, shifting into a braking zone or violating many other standard rules provided for by the rules. This is another topic.

We are talking exclusively about the moral side of things. On the agreements, commitments, understanding, sealed handshake.

There have been so many examples in the history of sports that all this has been broken and is being broken. Let us recall Prost and Arnu, Villeneuve and Pironi, Senna and Prost, Alonso and Hamilton, Vettel and Webber, Hamilton and Rosberg.

In Malaysia in 2013, there was an ambiguous case that went down in history as Multi 21: Vettel waited for Webber to switch the engine to reduced power, and only then overtook his partner in Red Bull Racing.

It’s not the dubious moral side of Vettel’s actions: he then saw the opportunity and went on the attack. Yes, he broke his word. Ignored what is considered the norm of etiquette. Before him, this happened so many times that it was impossible to count, and no less such cases would happen in the future. After all, if etiquette and polite manners make you take your foot off the gas at least for a moment, you lose.

All great champions have a quality that I define for myself as a kind of bitchiness. In my opinion, this is the ability to never let your right leg falter. To do what others do not dare, and to do it without any hesitation or remorse. Take advantage of any opportunity to play the position, at least real, even purely theoretical.

Because, as Ayrton Senna once said: “If you don’t use the opportunity, then you’re no longer a racer.”