Will a Ford Ranger Raptor pickup with a V8 engine go on sale soon?

Will a Ford Ranger Raptor pickup with a V8 engine go on sale soon?

January 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The leadership of the American brand will nevertheless equip the “charged” version of the Ranger pickup with a V-shaped eight. The start of sales is scheduled for next year. Data on the technical characteristics of the new motor is not yet available.

We’ve all heard rumors of Ford’s plans to equip its full-size F-150 pickup with a “charged” Raptor performance with a powerful V8 engine, and now it looks like the same thing will happen with the smaller Ranger Raptor truck. At the moment, the latter is available in some countries with a four-cylinder diesel engine, which develops a capacity of 210 horsepower (500 Nm). A couple of minutes ago it became known that the Australian division of the Ford brand plans to produce a Ranger Raptor pickup with a 5.0-liter V8.

 Since, in order to adapt a larger engine for a medium-sized truck, Ford is supposed to entrust the development of such a version of the car to the tuning studio Herrod Performance, with which they have long-standing partnerships.

 It is known that the Ranger Raptor will be taken as the basis for the new pickup, then the car will go to Australia. Then, under the hood, a motor from the powerful Mustang GT sports coupe will be installed, as well as a number of other improvements.

So far, there is no data on what technical characteristics this motor will receive in the “charged” version of the American pickup, but it is believed that the supercharged engine will produce about the same power as the Mustang GT – we are talking about 455 hp. (556 Nm). This is more than twice the power that the current diesel Ranger Raptor has, and the torque will be increased by 56 Nm.

 It is expected that the novelty will go on sale in Australia next year. The V8 Ranger Raptor will be sold through Ford dealerships and will have a full five-year warranty.