Wild Ferrari prototype seen during tests

Wild Ferrari prototype seen during tests

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the web there are photos of the Ferrari test model, similar to the road version of a racing car.

It is safe to say that for Ferrari this year was one of the most stressful in the history of the launch of new products, as the company introduced a total of five new cars. It all started with the F8 Tributo in March to replace the 488 GTB, followed by the hyper-hybrid SF90 Stradale in May, the F8 Spider and 812 GTS in September, and the Grand Tourer earlier this month. Also worth mentioning is the unique P80 / C introduced in March, as well as the 488 Challenge Evo and 488 GT3 Evo racing cars that were released about a month ago.

More exciting events seem to be taking place in Maranello, as this “wild” prototype was recently spotted right in front of Ferrari’s house. It is likely that this is the aforementioned 488 Challenge Evo, as the updated style of the car, designed only for the track, corresponds to the aggressive body of this disguised prototype. Nevertheless, it remains doubtful that it is being tested on public roads, since it would be more reasonable to evaluate the Evo prototypes on the race track. In the end, the 488 Challenge Evo will be track oriented.

In addition, it is quite interesting that the car is hidden under camouflage, although it was officially unveiled on October 28 during the Ferrari Finali Mondiali on the Mugello track. Some will be tempted to suggest that this is a test mule for a future road-oriented model or that Ferrari is testing a new engine.

For the time being, we still see it as a prototype associated with the 488 Challenge Evo, since it even has a small wing with an end plate under the side mirror. The same was presented on the Evo model, as part of a new aero package, and was intended to send air flow in the direction of the intercooler to make the race car even smoother than before.

    It is known that Ferrari plans to launch 10 additional cars before the end of 2022, the most important of which will be the first Ferrari Purosangue SUV. In the future, given that Ferrari plans to release one new hypercar about once every ten years, the successor to LaFerrari 2013 should appear before the middle of the next decade.