Wide crossover Lamborghini Urus noticed in the US

Wide crossover Lamborghini Urus noticed in the US

July 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Photospies captured on a street in Los Angeles Italian crossover Lamborghini Urus in a very unusual performance. Through the efforts of the tuners, Lamborghini’s first cross company now flaunts massive wheel arch extensions that have drastically changed its appearance.

On the roads of Los Angeles passersby could watch the white Lamborghini Urus, modified by the guys from the tuning studio RDB LA. The crossover, whose pictures hit the Web, differs from the standard SUV with new bumpers, spectacular “geometric” wheel arch extensions, large forged wheels of 24 inches, as well as front and rear splitters and slightly modified head optics. Complementary bold, but elegant image of the modified Lamborghini Urus pearl white body color.

American tuners apparently didn’t get to the technical “stuffing” of cars, confining themselves to external changes. “Wide” crossover Lamborghini Urus, most likely, has retained its four-liter 650-horsepower gasoline turbo engine.

 According to media, the company RDB LA is currently engaged in the active preparation of a similar body kit in a different color – black.

Earlier, on public roads, the first Tesla Model Y electric crossover was noticed. In the home market, this electric car will appear only in the autumn of 2020.