Why is this C6 generation Chevy Corvette so similar to the C2?

Why is this C6 generation Chevy Corvette so similar to the C2?

April 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

California-based CR Coachworks has changed the look of the C6 generation Chevy Corvette, now the car looks almost like an earlier version of C2.

The Chevy Corvette sports coupe in the C2 generation, as I see it, is that version of the iconic car that has the smoothest body and that’s why I really like it because of my style.

 If you also really like the Corvettes of the old school of the 1960s, then you are “lucky”, as this particular instance of the model has the same sleek body of the C2 generation and at the same time boasts all the modern features that can be found in the more modern C6 .

 Built by CR Coachworks studio in California (USA), this car, similar to the C2 Corvette of the 1967 model, is in fact the C6 generation. Its body has been properly modified by specialists from a tuning company that specializes in turning corvettes into retro cars.

 Modifications CR Coachworks include a complete remake of the body using carbon fiber panels.

 After finishing all the work, the car looks very similar to the second generation of the sports legend from Chevy. The car received a smooth body and even “pop-up” headlights.

Of course, the Corvette style of the C6 generation was preserved in the cabin, which means that it has all the modern touches that you want to have in the car, such as a color screen of the infotainment system, keyless access to the cabin, heated seats and other things, which you will not find in the obsolete generation C2. The machine also has LED headlights and “swirl” lights from the outside.

 CR Coachworks sells a car for $ 165,000. The machine is equipped with a 430-horsepower LS3 V8 engine, the mileage of which at the time of this writing is only 18,686.09 km.