Why does an electric Hummer need “crab mode”

Why does an electric Hummer need “crab mode”

October 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

GMC spoke about the off-road capabilities of the pickup

GMC, which recently unveiled the Hummer EV electric pickup truck, has detailed its off-road capabilities. She also showed in what cases the CrabWalk mode can be useful, when activated, the car moves diagonally.

The GMC Hummer EV pickup is built on a General Motors modular development platform, equipped with an Ultium traction battery and Ultium Drive electric drives. Each module combines an electric motor, a single-stage gearbox and power electronics, and in the case of the three-engine version of the pickup, two electric motors are integrated into the unit on the rear axle at once. However, sophisticated electronics does not prevent the new Hummer from remaining a real SUV, at least on paper.

For comparison: the ground clearance of the new Land Rover Defender is 216-291 millimeters; the angles of entry and exit are 38 and 40 degrees, respectively. The SUV can overcome 45-degree side slopes and climbs, as well as force a ford 900 millimeters deep.

So, the ground clearance of an electric vehicle varies from 257 to 404 millimeters. The angles of entry and exit are 41.5–49.7 and 31.6–38.4 degrees, respectively. The pickup can force fords up to 813 millimeters deep and climb 45 centimeter ledges. It also has a CrabWalk mode. In it, all four wheels turn to one side by 10 degrees and the pickup moves diagonally like a crab. This function can be useful when there is limited room for maneuvers, for example, on narrow roads.

The Hummer EV will not go on sale until late next year. The first to hit the market will be the most expensive and powerful version of the Edition One with a 1,014-horsepower power plant and a price of $ 113,000. True, all cars from the “welcome” party have already been reserved.