Why do scientists teach rats how to drive a car?

Why do scientists teach rats how to drive a car?

October 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Scientists from the University of Richmond (USA) trained rats to drive a car. An electric car model the size of a rat was used as a vehicle. With this study, scientists want to learn more about the different neurological habits of a person.

I hasten to note that this news is not fiction, but a serious study of foreign scientists. This may be the strangest story you read in an entire week, perhaps even in the last year, probably it is.

The author of the study is Dr. Kelly Lambert, a professor of behavioral neuroscience at the University of Richmond, who leads a team of scientists studying rat behavior.

 The report indicates that 17 rats — 11 males and 6 females — participated in the study, and all of them were taught how to drive and drive a car in a small area. The rat drives the car to get food.

How does it really work? In short, the small electric car, which is not much larger than the rat itself, was built of aluminum, a plastic food container, an electric motor and four wheels. Inside there are three copper rods, and the rat serves as a conductor to close the electrical circuit. When you touch the copper rods, power is supplied to the engine, which makes the car move forward. Management is implemented according to the following scheme – the rat touches the left, central or right copper strip and, depending on this, the machine travels in one direction or another.

  Now a million dollar question. Why teach rats to drive? In short, by studying the effects of such things on rats, we can potentially learn more about the various neurological conditions that affect humans. Thus, research can help scientists better understand everything from mental disorders such as depression to the effects of Parkinson’s disease.

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