Why do “charged” BMW M crossovers have plug-in hybrid engines?

Why do “charged” BMW M crossovers have plug-in hybrid engines?

October 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the current head of the BMW M sports division, Markus Flash, the company’s crossovers need plug-in hybrid engines not only to reduce fuel consumption, but also for greater performance.

Electrification is the name of a game in the automotive industry that extends to all market segments. This is primarily about reducing fuel consumption and emissions to meet more stringent environmental regulations, but high-end brands argue that this can also bring benefits to productivity.

Following a recent Audi announcement that the next version of the high-performance RS4 Avant wagon will receive a plug-in hybrid engine, Bavarian BMW says its large crossovers will also be equipped with similar powertrains.

This statement was made by current BMW boss M Markus Flash. The head of the sports division said that electrification is not on the agenda for major models such as the M2, M3 and M4, but it is starting to make sense for larger and heavier vehicles – apparently it’s the recently introduced X5 M. With weight at 2,385 kilograms, the model clearly needs a more powerful motor, says Mr. Flash.

It was also said that BMW M is in no hurry to electrify its models, since the sports division must first of all be confident in the high dynamic characteristics of plug-in hybrid engines. He is also concerned about the risks posed by the ubiquitous appearance of electrified engines, as some fans of the brand believe that the BMW M electric car will not be able to give them the same emotions as before.

He further mentioned that he was already driving a BMW M car, under the hood of which there was just a plug-in hybrid engine, and although he refused to provide any details about this experience, he said that sooner or later he would be put into production.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the new BMW M2 CS will be similar in handling to a racing car. BMW M CEO Markus Flash spoke of the new BMW M2 CS as a car that would look a lot like a race car. Engine power is approximately 444 hp. The machine will be offered with both manual and automatic transmission.