Why didn’t the Nissan IDx Nismo sports car concept go into production?

Why didn’t the Nissan IDx Nismo sports car concept go into production?

November 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Admittedly, the concept of sports cars IDx and IDx Nismo from the Japanese Nissan, which were introduced back in 2013, could well have become excellent production models of the Japanese brand. Nevertheless, the company management decided not to do this.

In the concepts shown, there was everything necessary for an amateur of high-performance cars – only two doors, a powerful motor, a coupe-style body and rear-wheel drive. At that time, the appearance of these concepts was quite futuristic. It was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013, and many then hoped that Nissan would finally unveil the successor to the Datsun 510, which would be based on the new Nissan IDx Nismo. But no, despite the great excitement that was around this model, a positive decision on this issue has not yet been made.

 As part of his recent interview, a Nissan engineer talked about three reasons why the leadership of the Japanese brand did not dare to send the sports concepts of IDx and IDx Nismo to mass production.

First of all, at that time there was no suitable niche in the automotive market for a new sports car. Despite the public interest that she aroused in the public during her debut, the company’s marketers decided that high-performance IDx would not have a solid demand.

 In addition, the presence of another RWD coupe in the Nissan line could compete with another sports car – the 370Z model at the time, which was only three years old when the IDx concept appeared.

 Finally, at that time there were no factories producing the necessary components for IDx. Only the Nissan Tochigi plant is the enterprise that at that time produced 370Z, Skyline and GT-R. However, this would mean an investment that, according to a Nissan engineer, “would significantly outweigh the profits from the sales of the new model.”